Les Hommes Intègres

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Les Hommes Intègres

04.06.2016 – 30.07.2016, art is just a four letter word Gallery Markt 6, 59494 Soest

Adele Renault is fascinated by the inconspicuous beauty of every day objects and subjects. She observes closely those and that not considered worthy of a second look. She paints portraits of faces, the elderly, the homeless and pigeons – which she picked out as a central theme of her first show „Pigeon Voyeur“ at art is just a four letter word Gallery Soest/ Germany in September 2014 – in a realistic style. Her art is distinguished by a realism whose sincerity is equalled only by its purity. A purity intensified by systematic overexposure in her portraits. Considered a photographic error, in this context, overexposure is the fruit of a deliberate move. Renault concentrates light on the face, the rest being bathed in an overexposed white where the absence of contours enables the gaze to lose itself. Apart form rare commissions, it is an intentional choice to immortalize individuals on the margins of society. Adele Renault paints after her own photographs and makes sure that her models never stare into the lens, in order to avoid having our gaze intersect with theirs. The portraits series have no ambition to expose any social injustice. Well beyond that, they underline by their materiality and evocative force an elegance that is omnipresent and accessible to all. We find this same philosophy in the series of portraits of native people, which Adele Renault met and photographed in Burkina Faso and which will be the topic of her next exhibition „LES HOMMES INTÈGRES“ at art is just a four letter word Gallery.


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